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Couples therapy is a precious seed that, if planted in fertile soil, produces beautiful flowers of love, connection and harmony in the relationship.

It is very important that both of you are truly committed to participating in therapy and working together to overcome the challenges you face. Couples therapy helps strengthen communication and emotional connection, as well as promote mutual understanding and conflict resolution.

The topics that can be addressed in couple therapy are diverse, from financial problems to infidelity issues or the arrival of a child. The important thing is that both are willing to open up and work together to overcome difficulties.

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As a couple's therapist, I always try to create a safe and welcoming environment, where both can feel free to express their feelings and needs. I also work with techniques that promote reflection and self-knowledge, as well as strategies to improve communication and conflict resolution.

Couples therapy can be a challenging journey, but also a very rewarding one. At the end of the process, the couple emerges stronger, more united and with a deeper understanding of the love and commitment that unites them.

Sessions last 50 minutes and take place via video call.

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