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Psicoterapia individual

Psychotherapy is a journey, a journey into oneself and one's own history, which aims to help people deal with emotional, behavioral or relational problems. It is a process that involves dialogue and interaction between the patient and the therapist, in which the aspects that are causing discomfort or suffering for that person are explored and worked on.


Psychotherapy is an applied science,  that is dedicated to understanding and treating problems related to life itself, using scientific knowledge to help people achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

During therapy, the patient is encouraged to talk about his thoughts, feelings and behaviors, while I, as a psychotherapist, seek to understand how these facts are connected in his story and what would be the possibilities for changes, and how they could happen effectively. (read about what my job is like in “my approach”). 

Sessions last 50 minutes and take place via video call.

Learn a little more about my approach. Click here.

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