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Who am I

My name is Katja Wirth. I was born in Espírito Santo, but when I was a little girl I moved to Minas Gerais, where I spent my entire childhood and adolescence.

I was a very curious child, I wanted to be a marine biologist because I was passionate about sharks, some time later, around the age of 12, this passion migrated to the human mind, I watched all the documentaries, I wanted to read everything about it, so I decided that I wanted to do research about behavior and the human mind, so I should study psychology.

At the end of my adolescence I moved again, now to São Paulo.

At the time of taking the entrance exam, this passion still remained within me, I entered the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and soon began to do my research through the Faculty's Neuroscience Laboratory, I spent the whole day there and really loved all the possibilities that world had to offer. brought me.


However, during this whole period, when I was saying that I would be a researcher and continue in the academic field, my mother would tell me “you will still fall in love with the clinic”, I listened, but I was sure that this possibility did not exist, I loved the laboratory .


At the end of college, I needed to do a mandatory internship at the school clinic and I just fell in love.


I still loved the lab, but I started to realize how my knowledge and technique could transform lives, I could keep analyzing, testing, studying... but now, the results weren't just numbers on my computer screen, they were real changes in front of my eyes. my eyes.

Katja Wirth, psicóloga. Vamos conversar?

I had prepared myself throughout graduation to enter the master's degree in neurosciences as soon as college was over, I decided that I would keep this plan, but I would work in the clinic at the same time. 


The master's period was incredible, the subjects were fantastic, I used equipment to carry out the analyzes that only had three in the country, everything I dreamed of, but the clinic took more and more hold of my heart and mind every day.


I got married during my master's degree, with my best friend, after seven years of dating and as soon as I finished my master's degree, I said to him “now I'm going to dedicate myself 100% to the clinic” and I've done it ever since!


I fell in love with caring, being together, sharing joys in health and being comfort and an instrument of change in difficult times.


Today, my clinic is my little laboratory where I follow journeys and see life changes, restored marriages and restored health. 


This is a little bit of my trajectory until today.


I am very grateful to all these stages and to everyone who, in one way or another, shaped what I am today and what I will become, but especially to God, who guided me this far and showed me the purpose He has for me. my life.


A big hug,



Individual and couples therapy

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